Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Corrugated Totes

Corrugated plastic products offer many benefits in material handling and storage applications. They’re highly durable, cost-effective, and versatile. They can also be altered to meet specific requirements for businesses.

Compared to containers made from other materials, plastic corrugated totes last 30-50 times longer. They’re also incredibly lightweight to reduce handling costs and can be easily stacked.


Polypropylene and polyethylene are excellent choices for plastic corrugated totes, providing outstanding moisture resistance. This helps to protect packaged items from damage or deterioration and thereby minimizes financial losses for businesses.

These totes also have cold-resistance properties. This enables them to endure prolonged exposure to cold environments without compromising their structural integrity or functionality. This benefit is significant for industries that operate in freezing climates.

Many different types of plastic corrugated totes are available to meet industry-specific needs. Similar-sized totes can nest together, optimizing space utilization. Other styles include sonic-welded and wire-reinforced totes for strength, wrapped hand holes for ergonomic handling, and antistatic options to protect sensitive electronic components during transit. These totes are versatile and offer various customization options, including color coding.


Whether your business is shipping fragile glassware or high-tech electronics, you need a box that can hold up to the elements. Plastic corrugated totes are a great choice because they can handle cold environments and resist humidity. They are also lightweight, which lowers transportation costs and makes them easier to handle.

Because of its versatility, plastic corrugated products are formed into specific sizes and forms according to your needs. It can be printed with your company’s design and logo to increase brand exposure. It can also be reinforced with steel or galvanized wire for added strength.

Choosing the suitable packaging material is crucial to your business’s success. The physical characteristics of polypropylene and polyethylene are contrasted in the chart below to assist you in making an informed choice that will meet your specific business requirements and ultimately result in cost savings.


For shipping, storage, and organizing materials, a standard corrugated plastic tote offers a durable yet lightweight solution for the workplace. These reusable containers are ideal for mailrooms, office supplies, and assembly lines.

Unlike traditional paper-based packaging, plastic containers require less energy to produce and fewer resources to ship. Their durability and reusability also contribute to reduced paper usage, reducing the amount of waste paid.

A variety of plastic totes are available for your warehousing and transportation needs. From hopper front totes to standard mailbox sizes, you’ll find an option that suits your application. These containers are lightweight and stackable, and many are designed to fold for easy storage when not in use.


Consumers are demanding environmentally friendly packaging options as the world becomes more aware of its environmental footprint. We’ve all seen pictures of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and marine life-consuming plastic waste, which is no surprise.

Thankfully, it takes much less energy to create corrugated plastic than cardboard. Plus, these containers are often made from recycled materials, which makes them even more eco-friendly.

These multi-use containers can be used in various ways within your warehouse or distribution center. For example, many businesses use them as hopper bins to keep parts organized on conveyors or in picking and packing operations. These containers also stack to save space and come in various colors. Plus, they’re sturdy and durable with steel rod reinforcements.

Easy to clean

Many different types of equipment and products require storage or shipping containers that can handle a variety of environments. For instance, electronic devices must be packaged and shipped in containers that protect them from static electricity. Plastic corrugated totes are ideal for this type of packaging, as they offer a durable, water-resistant, easy-to-clean, and sanitized container.

They are also lightweight and straightforward to incorporate into distribution or manufacturing systems. They also strengthen heavy loads with welded seams and steel rod reinforcement.

These features are essential for businesses that want to streamline their production process and maintain a high-quality level. This enables them to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Additionally, many of these containers are stackable and nestable to optimize space when not in use.

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